How to Become a CCPS®? | List | NICCP


CCPS® Blueprint

Access to our web-based, state-of-the-art CCPS® BLUEPRINT college planning and EFC analysis tool.

Multiple Courses

NICCP offers complete CCPS® Course, over 100 Continuing Education Courses, Exam, & Completion Certificate.

Learning Library

Complete access to our Learning Library where you can get immediate answers to your client questions 24/7

Document Library

Complete access to our Document Library, which has documents you need for your college funding practice.

Video Library

Complete access to our Video & Media area that includes access to 100's of education webinar training videos.

Discussion Forum

Complete access to our NICCP advisor discussion Forum area when you can ask direct questions and share ideas.

Advisor Profile

Complete Advisor Profile and your advisor profile listed on our "Find a Member" area of NICCP website.

Webinars & Seminars

Special event invitations and discounts for - NICCP Annual Conference and NICCP Regional Webinars & Seminars.

Stand out from other financial service providers.
Our members are the most informed college financial planners in the US and we make sure to provide them with the education, tools, and ongoing support they need to assist families in preparing for the financial cost of sending their children to college.